Residential Epoxy Flooring

T&B Industries creates an unmatched beauty that will enrich any garage, basement, kitchen, or workshop!

CAUTION: Unlike the "do it yourself" kits purchased at your local retailer, Many of the "do-it-yourself" kits purchased from your local retailer are substandard in comparison. Comprised of only 35% solids, these products serve more as epoxy paint, commonly resulting in a substandard lifespan (in most cases two years or less). Our products are resin rich consisting of 100 percent solids which results in a quality floor that can be expected to last up to a lifetime.

Equally important to the T&B Industries process is the appropriate preparation work required. Our crews have significant experience in working with the most stubborn substrates. Diamond grinding or shot blasting by experienced crewmembers are a must prior to application.

Aesthetically pleasing to the eye, easier of clean, resistant to oil, salt, and most harmful chemicals, our floors maintain their beauty and integrity for many years to follow.

With so many options (i.e. metallic, flake, quartz, pigment, etc.) and colors to choose from, T&B Industries is without a doubt, a competitive solution to consider.